What we do



The Big Buddha National Academy School Program allows a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports that students can explore and ultimately achieve mastery.

The BBNA gives a high emphasis on the physical activities of our students. Through sports, children learn about a
lot of important life skills, such as thinking logically and critically, develop a team building mentality, generate body dexterity, build confidence and encourage proper physical development.
BBNA has Basketball Courts and Table Tennis Table, Karate, that are all fully equipped and functional.
Our sports coaches are National Players who are fully trained and qualified to make sure that students learn everything from the basic to the technical skills of the sport in a fully realized and safe environment. 

Visual Arts

The BSP allows our students to explore and experiment with a multitude of visual arts such as drawing, painting, arts and crafts, clay work, etc.

This form of discipline encourages students to be more expressive and come to better terms with their emotions and interests.

It is important for us to teach our students how to correctly express their feelings using art as an instrument of creativity.


Music is widely regarded as a universal language. Studying it encourages self-discipline that carry over into intellectual pursuits.

This leads to effective study and work habits. Baba has a vast collection of qualitative musical instruments that are available to our students.

Vocal training is also given a high priority. Our students receive opportunities to showcase their musical talents during various events all throughout the year.


At BBNA, we see the art of dance as something that is more than just a medium of expression. We see the art form as an opportunity to teach our students about National and International cultures and traditions.
We also see it as a means to preserve our beautiful culture.

Our students are taught to dance to the tunes of a wide variety of genres from contemporary, pop and Bollywood songs t o traditional and classic music.

Dance is a powerful collaborator for the development of a growing child. It has been proven to help children mature physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.


“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” – William Shakespeare.

Drama is a performing art that seeks to challenge students’ perception of the world around them as also about themselves.

Dramatic exploration can provide students with an outlet for emotions and thoughts that they might not otherwise have the means to express.

Engaging in a drama allows students to step into the shoes of a different person and see things on a new light, all in a safe and non judgmental environment.

Outreach Activities-Community Service

Outreach Activities are a vital part of our BBNA curriculum. They allow students to recall their theoretical knowledge and apply them practically to find solutions to difficult challenges.

BBNA frequently organizes visits to various agricultural plantations, museums, National heritage sites, etc. BBNA also engage students in various social advocacy activities, environmental and intellectual programmes and community services once a year.Outreach activities instills within each student the qualities of a responsible global citizen.

Special Programs

We believe that a school should be a mirror to the world; a place where students prepare themselves to be ready for any future obstacle.

In addition to the above mentioned activities,Baba conducts a multitude of special programs all throughout the year. Some of the programs that we conducted in the past are:

Crisis management workshops.

Collaborative programs with other schools and organizations like the Nepal Traffic Police.

Awareness program on the dangers of Drug and Alcohol use.